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dear yulegoat

Dear [insert your name here],


  2. Please don't stress about anything. The prompts are just places to start, but If nothing I mention grabs your interest then just write whatever. I'm super easy to please.

  3. I hope you have fun with this, and I look forward to reading your fic.

  4. Happy Yuletide!

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  • AUs: I love both canon divergent (from a specific point or alternate histories/realities makes canon diverge preseries) and the 'everyone in this canon is now diamonds a barista' type of AU.

  • Mystery: Dark and suspenseful or humorous. I love fics that are almost like puzzles, seemingly separate pieces that all fit together at the end.

  • Characters with hidden depths, especially ones that you might not expect but then make sense. Real life example: I have a friend who is a chemist with a passion for art history, and she wants to combine the two for a career in art restoration.

  • Family relationships, especially found families and intense friendships.

  • Magic and supernatural things. Some of my favorite categories and tropes within this: mythical/fairytale based story lines, fantastic creatures, magical realism, family curses.

  • In terms of relationships (/porn), any rating you're willing to write I'm happy to read.

  • Other things I love: banter, pop culture references, codependent relationships (even unhealthily so, if it's treated with care), nonlinear format, ladies kicking ass.

Things I'd prefer not to receive:

  • My only hard "no" is non-con (dub-con is fine, except in the case of underage)

  • Fic that is purely character study--I love character study included within a narrative, but I'd really prefer something that can't be summarized as "X thinks about Y."

  • Hurt/comfort, fluff--like character study, I don't mind them if it's part of a larger story but they're not something I'm interested in if it's not in context.

  • Outside POV

신의 | Faith | The Great Doctor
Choi Young & Yoo Eun Soo

" I will protect you your entire life "

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Why I love this show:

This show is a romance between a 14th century warrior and a modern plastic surgeon and it has all my favorite things: time travel! action! period costume porn! the bubbly girl being smart and awesome and getting shit done! pining! To give you an idea of how much Young and Eun Soo belonged together, characters in the show shipped them and it was set in the 14th century. I mean, look at those gifs. Look at them. You can watch the entire series on hulu.

The request:

Like the show, I'm not fussed about historical (or scientific, or any sort of) accuracy. What I love most about Faith is the sheer intensity of the love between Eun Soo and Young. I liked both the angsty parts of the show and the light-hearted parts, and what I'm hoping for is a story with some action and romance.

Things I would particularly love:

♥ Canon-divergent AU where Young and Eun Soo manage to take the child-king back to the modern day and get him medical treatment and then they become a family.

♥ Post-series fic about Eun Soo navigating court politics and dealing with the notoriety of being the doctor from Heaven

♥ There's some sort of epidemic and/or war and Eun Soo does amazing dotor-things and helps tons of people

♥ Other details: I'd adore the presence of the lovely and long-suffering Lady Choi; the friendship between Eun Soo and the Queen; I don't mind them having a baby if that's something you care to write, but please let it be a secondary plot

Green Rider Series
Karigan Gladheon & King Zachary

" 'Do whatever you must, Karigan,' he told her, his voice so quiet it would not carry, 'to come back. You must come back. To me.' "

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Why I love this series:

This series combines every high fantasy trope ever invented and still manages to be interesting. It's a sword and sorcery series that is long and intricate while engaging and quick-paced. It's available on amazon.

The request:

Something adventurous, in the style of the book. I love Karigan and Zachary, separately and together, so if you ship them "huzzah!" and if not, "also huzzah!"

Things I would particularly love:

♥ Karigan/Zachary AU first meeting: maybe she doesn't know he's the king, or they meet earlier or later than in canon, just any way that it could be interesting for them to meet than her carrying that message

♥ A particularly interesting messenger ride Karigan goes on, maybe between books or post-series

♥ Maybe Zachary has religious duties connected with his kingship--you could explore the god and goddess of Sacordia and the hints of mythology we get in the books

♥ modern AU but still set in the universe of the books--so Zachary is still king but it's more of a ceremonial role, and green riders drive green cars or motorcycles, and there's still adventure and danger and intrigue

The Most Popular Girls in School
Mackenzie Zales, Brittnay Matthews, Trisha Cappelletti

" This is high school, not an episode of fucking Lizzie McGuire. "

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Why I love this webseries:

It's funny as hell. They're Barbie dolls starring in every single cliched movie or tv show about high school, combined. Plot lines include the feud between the cheer squad and the teen royalty family, the new girl, and relationship dramas. If you haven't seen any episodes yet, and need to be convinced: watch this episode and then from the beginning.

The request:

I love how these characters are prone to bickering and infighting but have each others' backs against everyone else. Friendship fic between the triumvirate of evil cheer! Or, if we matched on only one character, then character-centric shenanigans for her.

Things I would particularly love:

♥ Canon AU in which the cheer squad is also secretly a coven of witches

♥ The continuing rivalry between the Overland Park cheerleaders and their Atchison counterparts

♥ Brittnay Matthews ends up getting her reality show. Brittnay, Trisha, and Mackenzie become (in)famous almost overnight

♥ Girl gang heist fic

♥ Other things: it would be really cool if you included running gags in the style of the series, or even from the series; I'm open to any pairing (Saison Marguerite/Brittnay and Trisha/Matthew Derringer come to mind, but I'm not particular); please don't feel the need to tone down the language

Lost Girl

" I'm a collector of rare wallets. "

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Why I love this show:

Lost Girl is an urban fantasy dramedy about a succubus and her bff investigating supernatural crimes and learning to navigate the world of the Fae. It's got interesting takes on fairytale and mythological beings, fun dialogue, adorable friendships, cool fight scenes, amazing women, and lovely friendships. The first two seasons (out of four) are available for streaming on netflix.

The request:

Basically: Kenzi being her awesome self. She's my favorite character on the show because she's strong, and loyal, and manages to stay true to herself and her friends even when she's frightened and out of her depth and only human, and if you could write something that emphasized all that I'd be thrilled.

Things I would particularly love:

♥ Old-fashioned case fic, S1 style. Weird stuff is happening, again. Luckily, Kenzi is there to save the day!

♥ Plot lines, characters, etc., based on or from Russian fairy tales/folklore that Kenzi would have heard growing up (a la the episode with Baba Yaga)--some inspiration for you.

♥  AU where Kenzi and Bo never met; Kenzi still somehow manages to get involved with the Fae

♥ Picking up where S4 left off: Kenzi is on a mission to become Fae--does she? If so, what is she? How does it help/hinder? Does she regret it?

♥ Other things: I have no preference in pairing, some rare pairs I'd be interested to see are Kenzi/Tamsin, Kenzi/Bruce, and Kenzi/Bo, but if you include romance I'd prefer it not to be the main plot

Our Deal
Lucky & Veronica

" Will you run away with me? "

Why I love the music video:

Baby hooligans Romeo and Juliet with their little faces. *___*

The request:

I know this seems like my 5 minute fandom (10:40 seconds, more accurately) but it is not. I've loved this vid since I first saw it years ago and I still get teary sometimes when I watch it. Basically, I want anything to do with this.

Things I'd particularly love:

♥ Canon AU: Veronica waits around, like, 5 more seconds to read the writing on the wall and they run away together and set off across the country together

♥ Canon AU: Veronica never asks Lucky to leave in the first place, they don't see each other again because they're loyal to their gangs, then meet again when they're adults and they fall in love (again)

♥ 5 times fic! Some possibilities-- "Five Times Lucky and Veronica Met Differently" "Five Times Lucky and Veronica Ended Differently" "Five Times Lucky and Veronica Met in Secret"

♥ post-canon fic where Veronica and her Friend Who Got Beaten run away together and Veronica goes through the stages of grief

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